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Bookkeeper Launch




This post may contain affiliate links. Any purchases made through such links may result in Course Crave earning commissions, at no extra cost to you.



Bookkeeper Launch (formerly Bookkeeper Business Launch) is the only proven system that delivers to you the 21st Century bookkeeping skills that you need to succeed. It also gives you efficient systems that allow you to live a lifestyle full of freedom, full of family and full of finances with never having to choose between them. It teaches you marketing skills that work and that attracts high-quality clients to you so that you can live the lifestyle you desire.

To learn more about the course sign up for the Bookkeeper Launch Free Intro Class where you will learn how to determine your fit for the course (see if bookkeeping is right for you), how to run your business and how to generate new client sales.



Bookkeeper Launch (Bookkeeper Business Launch) is going to put you on the trajectory to success. It is going to enable you to shortcut the time that it takes you to achieve success and will help you to avoid all the common pitfalls. It is unique in that it takes you beyond ‘debits’ and ‘credits’, enabling you to take your skillset to the next level.

It will also teach you the real world skills you need to get your first client in as little as 3 months and to make an average of $60 per hour as a bookkeeper.



  • Over 18 units of teaching
  • Processes and checklists
  • Live Q&A recordings
  • Spreadsheets
  • Live, weekly Q&A calls with instructors to get one-one guidance with anything bookkeeping business related
  • Community with over 7000 students( who have been there and done it) for support and questions
  • The proven templates to get the job done, on-time and to make your clients very happy (and pay you on time!)
  • Additional lessons and group coaching with Ben Robinson is included in the Premier option (see pricing below)



  • The step-by-step systems that shows you exactly how to setup your virtual bookkeeping business
  • Bookkeeping skills to wow your clients so that you may earn premium rates
  • How to market your business so that you can attract quality bookkeeping clients fast, without selling
  • How to build your business, get new clients and develop a pipeline of leads so that cash keeps flowing in



Bookkeeper Launch (Bookkeeper Business Launch) is perfect for those who are ready to work from home and to build a business that is as large or as small as they would like.

If you would like to work profitably from anywhere, create a life of freedom, be in control of your own schedule, and help other business owners then Bookkeeper Launch (Bookkeeper Business Launch) could be a great fit for you.

In order to discover the character traits, talents and abilities that are best suited for this course, sign up for the Bookkeeper Business Free Intro Class.



Ben Robinson is a former CPA firm owner who lives in Georgia. By trial and error, throughout his career, he figured out how to best serve clients the way they want to be treated all while working less and earning more.

In short, he created a lifestyle practice: freedom, flexibility, mastery, and purpose, that he now shares through his in-depth, step-by-step system. He has dedicated himself to helping others create lifestyle practices of their own through his program Bookkeeper  Business Launch.

Ben and Bookkeeper Business Launch have been featured in Entrepreneur, INC, The Huffington Post, and other online blogs like The Penny Hoarder.



Bookkeeper Launch offers two registration tiers. The Premiere option gives access to advanced additional lessons and group coaching with Ben. The Pro option excludes the additional lessons and group coaching with Ben.

Premiere Payment Plan: 12 payments of $299
Premiere One Time Payment: $2,999 (savings of $589)

Pro Payment Plan: 12 Payments of $199
Pro One Time Payment: $1,999 (savings of $389)



30 day money-back guarantee



Bookkeeper Launch (Bookkeeper Business Launch) has lifetime access and evergreen course updates.



Bookkeeper Launch Free Class Series


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